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24-Hour Home Care Tips To Help Seniors Avoid Falling At Night

24-Hour Home Care

One of the challenges that seniors have if they are living alone is preventing falls. Any senior can fall at home, even if they don’t have any mobility challenges or health conditions that make it difficult for them to get around.

Every year millions of seniors fall at home and are injured, sometimes so seriously they need to stay in the hospital for weeks. Fractured hips, fractured arms, and head injuries are very common when seniors fall.

There is a very big risk of seniors falling at night. Unless they have 24-hour home care seniors are usually alone at night with no one to help them. So, when they get out of bed to use the bathroom, get a drink, or get up in the morning if they fall there won’t be anyone there.

24-hour home care is a great way to make sure that your senior parent who lives alone has someone to help them if they fall at night. Other things that can help seniors avoid falling at night are:

Add Floor Lighting

Floor level lighting can be very useful for lighting up dark hallways, stairs, and other areas that typically don’t have great lighting. An easy way to install floor level lighting is to get battery operated light ropes and string them along the baseboards or stairs. If they are secured properly they offer soft light that won’t blind your senior parent at night.

Install Motion Activated Lights

Groping for a light switch can leave seniors off-balance and cause them to fall if they’re not steady on their feet. Putting low-watt motion activated lights in hallways, in the bathroom, and in the bedroom can provide light instantly so that seniors don’t need to worry about finding the light switch.

Clear Pathways

Remove obstacles and clutter from pathways to prevent tripping hazards. The route from the bedroom to the bathroom should be clear of any potential obstructions, such as loose rugs or furniture. The exception to this is if your senior parent struggles to get down the hallway and needs to rest. A small bench can be placed along the wall to give them a place to sit down if they need to.

Non-Slip Footwear

Seniors should always wear non-slip footwear in the house. Gripper socks, slippers with tread, or house shoes that have good grip should be available for seniors in multiple places throughout the house.

Keep Essentials Within Reach

Make sure that seniors have a nightstand or table next to the bed that is big enough to hold everything they might need at night such as a glass of water, their glasses, a lamp, a phone charging dock, medications, a sleep apnea mask, or anything else they may need. A great idea is to put a dresser next to the bed. The large flat top of the dresser can keep all the essentials within easy reach, and your senior parent can lean on the dresser if they need support getting out of bed. Books, magazines, family photos, and other items can be stored in the dresser to keep them out of the way.

Install Handrails and Grab Bar

Installing handrails along staircases and in bathrooms can provide additional support. Grab bars near the bed and in the bathroom assist with balance and stability, making it easier for seniors to move safely.

Consider a Bedside Commode

For seniors who may have difficulty reaching the bathroom in time, a bedside commode can be a practical solution. Placing it near the bed provides a convenient alternative and reduces the risk of falls during nighttime trips to the bathroom.

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