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Medical Staffing – Three Ways the Flu Makes Staffing More Complicated

The flu creates big problems several times a year, particularly if you’re trying to balance nursing staff for your facility.
medical staffing

The flu is one of those illnesses that never really “goes away.” It changes every year, which is why doctors and scientists are so very busy updating vaccines for vulnerable populations. The big problem for anyone running a healthcare facility can be what to do if the flu is affecting staffing considerations at all and what to do to resolve those issues.

Patient Needs May Be Dramatically Increased

Patients may be in your facility for one reason, but with the flu, their needs change dramatically. That means an increase in workload for staff assigned to those patients. It’s very possible that the ratio of nurses to patients changes quite a bit when even one patient presents with the flu. This affects the workflow throughout your entire facility, because patients still need care.

Staff May Be Needed More in Specific Areas

Another problem to consider is that some nursing staff may specialize in specific types of care, such as nurses trained in memory care in nursing home facilities. Depending on what else might be going on in your facility, it may be necessary for that staff to remain with specific patients rather than covering other areas. That leaves staffing gaps that need to be filled in other ways.

Nurses Helping Sick People Often Get Sick

It’s an unfortunate fact that very often nursing staff and other health professionals who are helping patients who are sick can get sick, too. This happens even after following all the right protocols and doing everything possible to reduce the risk of becoming ill themselves. What this means for the facility as a whole, of course, is that someone else has to step into those shifts.

Working with a Staffing Agency Can Help

One of the solutions that can help you with all of these situations is to work with a medical staffing agency. Having easy, fast access to nursing professionals that you know you can count on gives you a way to accurately resolve staffing shortfalls, especially when you’re trying to keep everyone involved as healthy as possible. Knowing that the nursing staff you’re going to be working with are already pre-screened and ready to go is huge because it means you’re not going to have to handle those aspects of hiring on your own.

Flu season may not be this challenging in terms of staffing every single time it rolls around. But if situations do get a little bit out of hand, it helps to know that you have an option to get your staffing issues back on track.

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