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The Benefits of Post-Hospital Care After Your Dad’s Spinal Surgery

Home Care in Beverly Hills, CA by Alpha Care Inc.
Home Care in Beverly Hills, CA by Alpha Care Inc.

Spinal arthritis greatly impacted your dad’s mobility, so his surgeon recommended a spinal fusion. He’s going to be in the hospital for a couple of days, but then he needs supportive care to ensure his recovery goes well. Post-hospital care is something you’re told to arrange before the surgery date arrives.

What is post-hospital care and how is it going to benefit your dad’s recovery? Here’s what you should know about this home health care service.

His Nurse Assesses His Health

Health assessments are part of a post-hospital care plan. As there is a risk of infection, blood clots, and medication reactions, his nurse can check his blood pressure, pulse, pain levels, temperature, and behaviors to assess potential problems during his recovery.

As his nurse checks all of this, his surgical team gets updated reports and can adjust his care plan moving forward. If he needs more physical therapy sessions to improve mobility, you’ll learn quickly about this recommendation.

He Works With a Physical Therapist

For the first few weeks, his surgeon will tell him to get up and move around regularly, but that he shouldn’t sit in a car for more than half an hour at a time. If the nearest physical therapist is an hour from your dad’s home, it makes it difficult to get to the physical therapist.

Instead of traveling when it’s not advised, he can have a physical therapist come to his home. They’ll work on exercises that help him regain strength and mobility.

His Incision Is Cleaned and Dressed

It may be several days before your dad touches his bandages. When it’s time, an incision on the back of his neck or his back can be difficult for him to see. You may not feel comfortable cleaning and dressing the incision for him.

A nurse can clean and dress his incision and check for signs of infection. If it doesn’t seem to be healing properly, his home health care nurse will alert his surgeon and discuss and implement the next course of action.

Medication Administration Takes Place at Home

Instead of returning to the hospital if there is an infection, your dad’s nurse can get his prescription for antibiotics and make sure he starts taking them. If IV antibiotics are needed, the nurse can set the IV up and administer the medication.

Your dad’s pain needs may be managed with IV or injectable medications for a few weeks. With post-hospital care, those medications are given to your dad by a professional nurse.

It can take six weeks before your dad is back to doing light activities. Make sure he has the support of the post-hospital care team. These trained medical professionals ensure he works with a physical therapist, manages pain responsibly, and properly cares for his incision.

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