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Post-Hospital Care Home Benefits for Seniors

Coming home from the hospital can feel complicated for seniors, but post-hospital care can make the situation easier and ensure a safe recovery.
Post-Hospital Care Benefits: Palos Verdes CA
Post-Hospital Care Benefits: Palos Verdes CA

A stay in the hospital can take a toll on anyone, but especially seniors. Whether that stay was because of surgery, illness, or injury – coming home again can feel like an impossible task. Recovery is a lot easier with the help of post-hospital care providers and family caregivers working together. Here are just a few of the ways that families can help their seniors to adjust to being home after a stay in the hospital.

Prepare the Home

Coming home from the hospital often means that seniors need to have changes made to their home that allow them to be both comfortable and safe. Small home modifications like rearranging furniture are the most common needs. Other solutions might involve adding grab bars in key areas, like the bathroom, and moving tripping hazards out of the lane of traffic.

Arrange for Ongoing Care

Post-hospital care providers can help a lot with getting the home prepared and with ensuring that seniors are getting the care that they need when they return home. There may be other types of assistance needed in order to recover fully, too, like working with physical or occupational therapists. Post-hospital care can work with medical providers to get seniors the help they need.

Encourage Physical Activity

After a stay in the hospital, seniors may want to get back to their normal routine. That’s something that might be possible, but with some care and attention. Most people who come home from the hospital are able to move about, possibly with some cautionary recommendations. It’s important that everyone involved knows what those limitations are so they can help more easily. Moving around and becoming even a little more physically active can help with recovery.

Ensure Proper Nutrition

In the hospital, nutrition is something that is accounted for on a daily basis. Once seniors return home, they may not have the ability to start cooking for themselves and preparing the types of meals they need to be eating. Post-hospital care can help them to have the nutrients that they need in order to keep healing and to avoid both malnutrition and dehydration.

Address Emotional Needs

A visit to the hospital, even for a short stay, can be a bit traumatic. Talking with family members about how they’re feeling and whether they need additional help is a solid idea. Some seniors may also find it helpful to start attending support group meetings related to their health issues.

Communicate with Healthcare Providers

It’s important to make sure that all healthcare providers are looped into what is happening. Attending follow-up appointments is crucial for continued recovery. Post-hospital care can help to facilitate communication between hospital care providers and primary care physicians, too.

It’s possible to help seniors transition home from the hospital smoothly and comfortably. The right help from post-hospital care services can do a lot to reduce any guesswork about ongoing care, nutrition, and safety needs. Having the right help also ensures that family caregivers don’t feel overwhelmed about trying to help their seniors to heal.

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