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What Can You Do When Your Senior Is in the Hospital?

Having a family member in the hospital is often a scary situation and you might worry that you don’t know how to cope. Take a deep breath and put a plan together with this advice.
Post-Hospital Care Los Angeles, CA: Care After Hospital Stay
Post-Hospital Care Los Angeles, CA: Care After Hospital Stay

It’s such a terrible feeling when someone you love is hospitalized. You’re worried about what’s happening right then, but you’re probably equally worried about what will happen once she’s released from the hospital. Having a plan is going to go a long way toward helping you and your senior to have the best possible experience overall. Learning about post-hospital care, discharge instructions, and who needs to be aware of what’s happening can give you a leg up with all of this.

Make Sure You Don’t Have Any Questions about Afterward

Post-Hospital Care Los Angeles, CA: Care After Hospital Stay
Post-Hospital Care Los Angeles, CA: Care After Hospital Stay

There’s so much happening when your aging family member is hospitalized. Whether she’s there because of illness, injury, or surgery, it’s so important to know what you can both expect for her now and in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what’s happening and what your senior’s recovery is going to be like once she’s discharged. The more information you have, the easier it is to make a plan.

Line up Post-hospital Care Now

It’s also crucial that you line up extra assistance right now. Having post-hospital care ready to go as soon as your elderly family member is discharged from the hospital helps to ensure that her return home will go as smoothly as possible. Home health care providers are able to watch for signs of trouble and help your senior to be as comfortable as she can be while she’s recovering.

Make a List of Everyone You Need to Contact

Depending on whether this was a planned hospitalization or a surprise, you might have a list of folks you need to contact while your senior is still in the hospital. That list is likely to range from other family members who need to know what’s going on to your senior’s insurance company and more. Keep a running list and take notes so that you don’t have to rely on memory to know what was said.

Make a Plan for When She’s Discharged

At this point, you probably have enough information to start making a solid plan for when your aging family member is discharged. If you or she still have any questions, make sure to ask them before she’s discharged. You should also get many of your questions answered in writing via discharge paperwork, so hang onto all of that, just in case.

Determine if She Needs Any Special Diet or Tools When She’s Home

Does your senior need any dietary changes or special assistive devices or tools? Post-hospital care can help you to line up all of those needs, including other therapists who can continue to help your senior recover. The more that you know about what she is likely to need, the easier it is to get everything in place and ready to go.

The better your senior’s discharge plan is the more likely she is to avoid having to go back into the hospital too soon. Recovering at home is often a much better option, so it’s important that she’s able to rest and get her needs met in the comfort of her own home.

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