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Top Ways Home Care Can Improve the Safety in Your Dad’s Home

Home Care

When he’s insistent on living in his current home, you need to make sure that’s what happens. But, your dad’s ability to take care of himself is waning, so you’re not sure what to do. After his fall, you worry about him living alone. Don’t make him give up his plans of aging in place. […]

Planning a Trip For Self-Care September? Make Sure Your Mom Isn’t Alone

Home Care in Phoenix, AZ by Alpha’s Health Care, Inc.

Action for Happiness is a worldwide movement to get people to realize the importance of caring for themselves to be there to help others. It’s a movement inspired by the impact happy people have on their communities. It all starts with self-care, and that’s why they established Self-Care September. What is self-care? It’s the time […]

Live-In Care – National Eat Your Beans Month

Live-In Care

July is National Eat Your Beans Month. What led to this day being designated as beans month is uncertain, but it’s likely because summer picnics usually involve some form of baked beans and barbecued meats. What is more important is that beans are one of the most valuable food items in an older adult’s diet. […]

What Is Home Care?

Home Care

As your mom ages, she’s starting to slow down. She used to be active and kept her house spotless, but in the past few years, you’ve noticed she walks slower. She has a harder time standing up after sitting for dinner. She no longer drives. One of your friends mentioned it may be time to […]

In-Home Care – 4 Activities To Help Seniors Find Purpose

In-Home Care

One of the biggest struggles that seniors have when they’re aging in place is finding a sense of purpose. When seniors retire they often feel like they don’t know what to do with themselves. After decades of getting up and going to work everyday, they are not sure what to do with all the time […]

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