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Customize Your Loved One’s 24-Hour Home Care

24-Hour Home Care

Does your elderly loved one desire to Age at Home? She may be quite passionate about being able to stay in her own home and age in a place that has many special memories and favorite comforts. It’s not uncommon for many elderly to wish to live in their homes, but it’s also quite common that they come to a place where they need a little help to stay in their homes and still live independently and safely.

Just because your loved one needs some help to live in her own home, it doesn’t mean she has to move into a facility. She can still live in her home and hiring a 24-hour home care team might be just what she needs to have a safe and supportive environment while you also receive the peace of mind that if she needs help someone will always be there.

A 24-hour home team will rotate shifts so that there is always an alert, and professional provider in the home ready to help your loved one with whatever help she needs. They will not live in her home, which means you don’t need to worry about having accommodations for them. That can be a bonus if your loved one lives in an apartment or a small home that doesn’t have an extra bedroom.

A 24-hour home team will also be able to provide custom care for your loved one and when you first meet with them, that’s a great time to talk about what your loved one needs help with and what she doesn’t need assistance with. Your loved one should be included in this conversation so she can help choose where she wants help and also decide which areas of the home and her life she doesn’t need help with.

For example, your loved one may need help preparing her meals if she has special dietary needs or no longer can use the appliances needed to create a homemade meal. A 24-hour home care team will help prepare, serve, and clean up as needed with her meals and snacks. If your loved one is still enjoying cooking and doesn’t want any assistance in that area, they will let her take care of her meals, but of course, always be there for assistance if she needs it – even if it’s just opening a stubborn jar lid.

Another example is transportation. Your loved one might be comfortable driving during the day but not at night. Her evening 24-hour home care provider can help with transportation while her day-time 24-hour home care provider will leave the driving to her. If she needs 24/7 transportation help, they can also offer that.

Finally, home care can be determined by what your loved one needs help with and what she can still do on her own. Letting her take care of some of her household chores will help boost her self-reliance and pride in her home.

A final benefit of having a 24-hour home care team is that they can adjust to your loved one’s changing needs. If she needs more help in the future months or years, they can step in to keep her able to stay in her home despite needing extra help.

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