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Post-Hospital Care – Getting Help for After a Hospital Stay

Home Care in Scottsdale AZ by Alpha’s Health Care, Inc.
Home Care in Scottsdale AZ by Alpha’s Health Care, Inc.

Your loved one is ready to return home after a long hospital stay but are you ready as well? As a caregiver, you will have additional care tasks that need to be managed when your loved one returns home after a long-term hospital stay. Whether your loved one lives with you, is staying with you temporarily, or is going back to her own home, you might easily find yourself overwhelmed as you try to manage her recovery along with managing the details of the rest of your family, home, and career.

While having lots of family members pitch in to help is a wonderful way to help your loved one recover from her hospital stay, for many families, this just simply isn’t a possibility. Family members may be scattered all around the world, you may have been an only child, or you may simply have family members who are unable/unwilling to help for one reason or the other. In these cases, the primary caregiver might find a solution to all of the care needed is having a professional post-hospital care provider be a part of her team in helping her loved one recover at home.

Before your loved one is discharged from the hospital, talk to her doctors and nurses to find out what will be needed at home as she recovers and what kind of timeline you might expect. Knowing this information can help you determine what to discuss with your post hospital care provider about where she can step in and help and what items you’ll manage. Let’s look at a few ways the post-hospital care provider can help.


Will your loved one have a lot of follow-up appointments or therapy sessions that need to be done away from the home? A post-hospital care provider can help with transporting her to and from appointments, as well as making sure she comes away from the appointment with her next one scheduled and a clear idea of what she should do at home to continue recovery. Taking transportation off of your plate can free up hours for you to take care of other needs.

Medication Management

If your loved one is recovering in her own home, you may worry about if she’s taking her medication properly and regularly. A post-hospital care provider can help her take her medication when she needs it and as she needs it. With medications that are prescribed as “take as needed,” many seniors don’t know how or when to take it so having someone else to guide them on safe medication management can help them recover more quickly.

Special Dietary Needs

If your loved one returns home from a long-term hospital stay with specific dietary restrictions or requirements, a post-hospital care provider can help with preparing meals, shopping and even providing company for those meals (thus encouraging better eating).

It’s up to you to determine where and how a post-hospital care provider can help your loved one recover while also allowing you the ability to focus more on other parts of the recovery.

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