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How Does In-Home Concierge Care Help Prepare Seniors for Aging in Place?

Aging in place is a common goal for aging adults, but they might need help from in-home concierge care to reach that goal.
In-Home Concierge Care

As seniors grow older, they may become more reluctant to leave the homes they have lived in for years. Maintaining independence and aging in place are not always as easy as they seem to be at first. Helping seniors age in place means engaging in careful planning and putting the right support systems in place. Solutions like working with in-home concierge care can make a huge difference in how well this goes.

Assess Needs

The first step in helping seniors get ready to age in place successfully is to take a closer look at their true needs. There are several categories to consider, ranging from physical health and home environment to social support systems that are already in place. Talking to medical providers helps to get a handle on physical health needs, including current and potential future health concerns. At home, family caregivers need to look at whether the living space is safe and accessible for their seniors. Next, it’s important to look at who in the senior’s life can offer assistance and companionship.

Plan Home Modifications

Understanding needs is important in order to start thinking about home modifications. Safety is the biggest concern, and sometimes that means making some modifications to the home. Some of the changes to consider include:

  • Installing grab bars in the bathroom.
  • Improving lighting throughout the house.
  • Raising toilet seats.
  • Rearranging kitchen items to make them easier to reach.
  • Relocating the bedroom to the main floor.


Having a plan is essential because some of these changes are small and vital to implement now. Other changes might take a lot more planning and time to put into place, especially if they’re structural in nature.

Create a Support Network

A strong support network is absolutely crucial for seniors to have success aging in place. Family members and friends who live nearby may be able to stop in on a regular basis, for instance, helping to alleviate loneliness for seniors aging in place. There are other ways to help seniors to have a strong support network, too.

Explore In-home Concierge Care

In-home concierge care is a resource that allows seniors to have additional help to meet their goal of aging in place. Concierges offer comprehensive support that is tailored to their specific needs. They can help family caregivers to put together plans for current and future care. As needs change, seniors and family caregivers often need assistance staying on top of what those changing needs mean for aging in place. They’re also able to assist with safety monitoring while offering companionship. Concierges can also offer help with daily tasks as needed.

Aging in place is sometimes a lofty goal for seniors to have. It’s possible to be proactive with planning, however, which makes a huge difference in helping seniors to maintain independence and enjoy the comfort of staying in their own homes as they age. Engaging the help of in-home concierge care can also be a solid tool to lean on as needs change and seniors require more assistance to meet their goals.

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