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Post-Hospital Care Advice After Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery calls for a long recovery, but with the help of post-hospital care you can ensure your senior loved one does so safely.
Joint Surgery: Post-Hospital Care Phoenix AZ
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Your dad is going in for a joint replacement. No matter which joint it is, he’s not going to be allowed to return to his normal routines immediately after his surgery. He has to take it slow and listen to his surgeon, as well as his post-hospital care provider. Here are eight things he won’t be allowed to do.

No Smoking

Smoking slows the healing process. If your dad is a smoker, it’s a good time to address quitting. His doctor can advise him on how things like patches, therapy, or medications can help him with nicotine cravings.

No Baths

Until stitches are removed, your dad cannot take a bath. His incision needs to be kept clean and dry. He may not be allowed to shower for a day or two. Instead, he can use baby wipes or a damp washcloth to clean up.

No Heavy Lifting

Your dad can’t lift anything too heavy after surgery. His doctor will advise him on how much weight is allowed. Sometimes, anything more than five pounds is too much, so this may keep him from being able to pick up his cat, a bag of groceries, or his laundry basket.

Heavy lifting also extends in the kitchen where a baking pan or pot may be heavier than he’s allowed to lift. He may need someone like a post-hospital care provider to cook meals for him and bring the dinner to him at the table.

No Strenuous Activity

Strenuous activities like jogging, aerobics, and hiking are not permitted. A slow walk may be acceptable, but he may need to use a cane or walker to avoid losing his balance as he walks.

No Sitting Around

While he’s not supposed to do anything too strenuous, sitting around is often not advised, too. Too much sitting around increases the risk of a blood clot. He needs to ask his surgeon how much activity he’s allowed and what the preferred option is.

No Driving

He’s not going to be allowed to drive for now. He needs to have medical clearance first. If he’s on prescription pain medications, he cannot drive until he’s stopped using them.

No Alcoholic Beverages

For pain management, your dad will likely be using over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. He shouldn’t have any alcoholic beverages while he takes these medications. If he is on prescription pain medications, he must avoid all alcoholic beverages for now.

Support Him as He Recovers

Arrange post-hospital care to ensure your dad takes it easy. He’s not going to be able to jump right back into his normal routines, and he needs to rely on aides to do things like change his sheets, do the laundry, and clean the home.

As he regains flexibility and movement, he can start adding other chores to his list. His doctors will guide him as he heals so that he’s not jumping into tasks before it’s safe. Talk to his doctors first and then arrange post-hospital care services.

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