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What You Need to Know About Home Care Assistance

Home care assistance offers a variety of services that will help your senior loved one with everything from personal care to companionship.
Benefits: Home Care Assistance Paradise Valley AZ
Benefits: Home Care Assistance Paradise Valley AZ

Your mom has gotten older and like most older adults, her health has changed. Home care assistance is something your family has talked about, but you all have questions. Here’s a breakdown of what home care services can and cannot do to help your mom.

Personal Care at Home

Personal care services focus on grooming and hygiene. Caregivers help your mom with personal care tasks starting with a morning shower or bath. Your mom’s caregiver can help her step in and out of the shower without the risk of a fall. If your mom has a hard time reaching up to wash her hair, her caregiver can wash her hair for her. If it needs conditioning, that’s possible too. Once she’s done, her caregiver can help her apply moisturizer, dry off, and get dressed.

Your mom’s caregiver can help her dry and style her hair. She has an aide to help her apply facial products and cosmetics. Her caregiver can also help her trim her nails, apply nail polish if desired, and file rough edges. When it’s time to brush and floss her teeth, your mom’s caregiver can help her. Your mom may struggle to floss her back teeth. She might find it hard to position the toothbrush correctly to brush her back molars. Her caregiver can help with oral care.

Home care assistance and personal care aides can also help with incontinence care and toileting if your mom needs help with those. If she has an accident, her caregiver is there to help her clean up and change her clothes.

Companion Care at Home

Companionship services are part of the home care assistance sector. There are several areas that companionship services help with. First is that your mom doesn’t have to be alone. She’ll have caregivers stopping by as scheduled to keep your mom company. Your mom has someone to eat with, play games with, watch movies with, or go on walks with.

Does your mom like gardening? She can have her home care aide assist her in the garden. Her caregiver can carry the tools, move the wheelbarrow, and carry in produce.

Companion care includes help with housekeeping, too. Your mom has a caregiver available to vacuum and sweep floors, wash the dishes, dust furnishings, and wipe down counters and faucets. Caregivers can make beds, change the sheets, and do all of the laundry.

Home Care Assistance

Your mom has errands to run, and her caregiver can join her. Her home care assistance aide can take her to stores and carry her purchases. Her caregiver can help her make payments, choose items, and load items into the trunk.

When you know what services she needs, talk to a home care assistance advisor. You’ll get answers to any additional questions you have and learn more about prices and schedules. With that information, you’ll be ready to have caregivers helping your mom.

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