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Keep Your Senior Loved One Active with Home Care

April is National Move More month and home care is a great option to help encourage your senior loved one to be more active!
Active Seniors: Home Care Scottsdale AZ
Active Seniors: Home Care Scottsdale AZ

Created by the American Heart Association, April is designated as National Move More Month. While the designation of National Move More Month is created by the American Heart Association and is a great way to improve heart health, moving can help a myriad of health issues, physically, and mentally, no matter what a person’s age is.

As you care for an aging loved one, you can celebrate National Move More Month by helping your loved one add more movement into his day. Moving more and maintaining an active lifestyle is just one way to increase your loved one’s health and wellness. It doesn’t have to be complicated and can sometimes be as simple as turning off the TV and heading out the door.

Here are five activities your loved one can do to increase his movement in April (and beyond).


If your loved one is ambulatory, walking is often the most commonly recommended activity. It is a low-impact activity that doesn’t require a special skill set, expensive equipment, or even companionship (although walking with a home care provider or someone might be nice for the company or to help with safety). Walking can begin slowly and work its way up to 30 minutes a day in no time. Have you loved one start off with simply walking around the block with his home care provider, gradually adding in laps or distance.


What is more fun than dancing? If your loved one enjoys dancing, it’s a great way to move more in April. Look for dance lessons or clubs that cater to seniors in your area, or even have a Friday night dance party at your home where grandkids and friends come over for dancing and socializing.


Swimming is another wonderful low-impact activity that can keep your loved one moving more without causing pain or stress to his joints. If he doesn’t have a pool of his own, look to a local gym or senior center that his home care provider can bring him to. Many of those establishments have classes specifically geared toward seniors

Lifting Weights

Your loved one doesn’t need to bench press 200 pounds to get the benefits of lifting weights. Even having 3 lb weights to do arm exercises with can help him build strength and improve stamina. Work with a professional to get him started and make sure he doesn’t injure himself.

Playing a Sport

Look for sports that your loved one will enjoy such as golf, pickleball, or bowling. All of these keep your loved one moving more without having a great risk of a serious injury while enjoying the sport. They can also be a wonderful way to meet others and build community.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming to get a little more movement into your loved one’s day. Starting small and building his way up to more is a great way to begin.

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