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What Post-Hospital Care Does Your Dad Need After Pacemaker Surgery?

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to your dad's pacemaker surgery. Consider post-hospital care to help assist in areas you may need!
Pacemaker Surgery: Post Hospital Care Mesa AZ
Pacemaker Surgery: Post Hospital Care Mesa AZ

It’s estimated that 1.25 million people have a pacemaker surgery each year. It’s often the recommended treatment when someone is diagnosed with a slow heartbeat. Your dad is about to undergo pacemaker surgery. What should you expect when he returns home and will he need post-hospital care?

What Happens During This Surgery?

During a pacemaker surgery, a cardiologist makes a small incision under your dad’s collarbone. It’s usually no longer than two inches in length. The pacemaker’s wires are inserted into a major vein near the collarbone and guided to the heart.

A pacemaker insertion surgery is done under sedation anesthesia typically, so once it’s installed and the pacemaker has been working properly for a couple of days, your dad will go home.

He Needs to Avoid Strenuous Activity

For the first month, your dad’s cardiologist will probably advise him to avoid any strenuous activity. He needs to have his pulse and blood pressure monitored regularly to ensure his heart is pumping effectively.

He may want to work with a physical therapist to build strength without overdoing it. It’s important to ask about the importance of physical therapy after a pacemaker is implanted.

His Incision Needs Care

Your dad’s incision does need proper care. He has to keep it dry, especially when he showers. Bandage changes are going to be required as the incision heals.

A post-hospital care nurse can help him with bandage changes. Plus, the nurse knows the signs of infection and can alert his doctor if anything is wrong. If he needs IV medications for an infection, his nurse can administer them in his home and keep him from having to return to the hospital or clinic.

Expect Check-Ups Every Few Months

Every few months, your dad needs to go back to his doctor for checks to make sure the pacemaker is doing its job. Your dad probably is not allowed to drive, so you or another caregiver needs to be available to drive him to and from his appointments.

Dietary Changes Are Often Recommended

Your dad’s diet may need to change. He can have a dietary specialist come to his home to teach him how to make heart-healthy meals. Consider being there for those appointments as he recovers from surgery so that you can learn how to cook meals that match his dietary needs.

Post-hospital care at home is essential. You may not have the training needed to help your dad with everything he needs. You don’t have to try to do things you’re not comfortable doing.

Hire a nurse to help with wound care, medication administration, and recording of vital signs if the pacemaker isn’t doing it automatically. Post-hospital care helps your dad avoid rehospitalization and adjust to the lifestyle changes he faces after pacemaker surgery.

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