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How Does Hospice Care Support Spiritual and Emotional Needs for Seniors?

Much of the focus for caregivers and medical providers is on medical needs at the end of someone’s life, but there are important emotional and spiritual needs, too.
Hospice Care Gilbert, AZ: Hospice Care and Seniors
Hospice Care Gilbert, AZ: Hospice Care and Seniors

Working with hospice care gives your elderly family member a chance to address a great many areas of her life that are causing concern. That means addressing physical symptoms as well as addressing emotional and spiritual needs, too. With the help of specialized care, your senior can come to terms with the changes she’s experiencing.

Hospice Care Defined

Hospice Care Gilbert, AZ: Hospice Care and Seniors
Hospice Care Gilbert, AZ: Hospice Care and Seniors

Hospice care is care that makes the end of your elderly family member’s life easier in terms of managing symptoms and finding solutions for situations that are becoming more difficult for her and for your family. Your senior needs to have her doctor certify her to receive this type of care. Typically, hospice is recommended once your senior’s doctor believes she has six months, or possibly even less, left to live. 

Expressing Thoughts and Feelings Is Vital

There are a lot of feelings and thoughts that go along with your senior confronting her mortality at the end of her life. Some of those thoughts and feelings are likely to be pretty big ones that are difficult to work through alone. Hospice care can help your elderly family member to have access to the resources she needs in order to express her feelings and to work through them.

Connecting with Spiritual Needs Offers Closure

Hospice elder care can also help your elderly family member to access the spiritual assistance she needs. There is so much more to any person than just their medical needs, so it’s important to address every level of support needed. Spiritual support can help your senior to find the closure that she needs to face the end of her life.

Types of Emotional and Spiritual Support Available

Connecting with chaplain services of all sorts is just one type of spiritual and emotional support available. Your elderly family member may also want to engage with support groups or even counseling or other types of therapies. Hospice care can make it easier for your senior to find and to attend these different support sessions.

Hospice Is about Improving Quality of Life

At its core, hospice is about improving your elderly family member’s quality of life, especially at the end of her life. having access to what she needs, when she needs it most, can help her to focus on what she needs to be focusing on at this point in her journey. There’s a lot less stress on her and on you as her family caregiver when you don’t have to struggle to locate these services.

Family Members Need Support, Too

You and other family members may need support as well and hospice care can help you to find the resources you need as well. This helps you to be there for your elderly family member as much as you’re able to. Other family members can also access these resources.

Losing someone that you love, even when you know it’s coming, is really difficult. By having the support necessary for everyone involved, on all sorts of levels, you can help everyone to find the closure that they need.

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